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6.4.2   General Rules for Preferential Policies in Weinan City Development Zones

Presentation of Weinan Opera


General Preferential Policies for Weinan-based Development Zones:

A.  Land use prices of Enterprises in the Zone (1hectare=15mu)

a.The integrated land use transfer price shall not be <RMB 150,000/mu;

b.The land use transfer price shall be RMB 135,000 - 150,000 for enterprises investing a total of > RMB 10 mn., >RMB 400,000/mu

c.The land use transfer price shall be RMB 120-135,000/mu for high-tech enterprises belonging to the domestic well-known
   enterprises  investing >RMB 30 mn., >600,000/mu, and >RMB 50,000/mu of the annual tax amount

d. The land use transfer price for RMB 112,000/mu shall be granted to FIEs of the high-ranking Top 500 companies with a total
    investment of >RMB 50 mn, > RMB 800,000/mu and > RMB 80,000/mu of the annual tax amount

B.  Supporting and Reward Policy

a. Nationally encouraged enterprises will have to pay income tax being reduced by 15%  ???

b. Enterprises shall be exempt from company income tax for the first two years and pay 50% of said tax for the following three years.

C.  Ease the Terms of Access

a. All enterprises have to follow the national law and administrative regulations.

b. Investors should attribute the high-tech achievements to the equity part of their respective share

c. Enterprises may obtain their industrial and commercial registration  by timely part-payments in cash, whereas any outstanding difference may be paid-in within one year's time.

D.  The Development Innovation Fund to be Established  and more attention to be Devoted to Research & Development Centres

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