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6.4.4   WNHZ Special Preferential Policies

>>> Obtain tenure of Land by auction, opening with the lowest price;

View from Southeast to Weinan City

>>> From 1st to 2nd year exempt from company income tax, from 3rd to 5th year pay 50% of said tax;

>>> Exempt from admin. and institutional fees on revenues for three years from the starting date of production, to the
        exception of charges for pollution and for urban infrastructure fees;

>>> Exempt from company income tax for food, vegetables, meat, fruits; pay 50% of said tax for flowers,plants, drinks,
        aromatic crops;

>>> Enjoy the minimum charge standard for administration fees;

>>> Provide land for research, industrial design and new product development???;

>>> High-tech companies are exempt from taxes for three years; pay 50% of taxes for further 5 years;

>>> Preferential policies and tax incentives are valid for freshly installed  companies and for contactual extensions for the
        firstseveral years;???

>>> There are other preferential policies for the eligible enterprises

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