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6.4.5   Preferential Policies of Luyanghu Industry Development Zone (LIDZ)

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General Preferential Policies

A.  Construction land using

a. If the investor's projects investment intensity and building floor area ratio in line with the country "dual control" standard,
   and acquisition of land use rights, so the development zone unified land warrant agent.

bThe construction of industrial projects to achieve the water, electricity, heat, gas supply, roads, communication and so on.

B.  Regulation Fees

a. For located enterprises, it is free for infrastructure costs and halve for the business conglomerates.

C.  Services

a. The park carries out the "one-stop-shop" for the key projects to ensure the construction environment.

b. When the enterprises reach a certain output and standard, the employment zone will build special agent to protect the
    work environment.

c. The supportability housing which constructed by the development zone will provide priority to the industry enterprises'

D.  Awards

a. Set up industrial supporting fund, of the enterprises which located at the scientific and technological content, unit area of taxation, according to area business to support purchase rewards, reward
    funds for the enterprise independent innovation, develop new products and enhance market competitiveness of enterprises.

b. Encourage the enterprises to create national, provincial famous brand products, relaxation of Chinese trademarks, national inspection-free products and famous brand, the companies agreed to this
    honor in addition to the enjoyment of national, provincial and municipal policies related to incentives, the development zone will reward them.

E. sLarge projects

New investment in fixed assets of 500 million yuan, urban construction projects and US﹩100 million yuan foreign projects, take "one case one meeting".

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